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Feature Request: Note Sort Order


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In EN for Windows, your card view is awesome. It would be really cool if there was an option allowing users to Sort Notes by Free Sort. If you shut off the Left Panel and the Note Panel, you have a great surface for sorting cards. If there was a Free Sort option, this would make organizing notes for a paper or presentation really simple. Maybe this feature doesn't appeal to anybody here, but I know people who would go totally nuts for this option. Think if you used Note View with Free Sort on a Smartboard. Wow!

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cleverusername (it's hard to comment on the cleverness of that username!),


You might also want to check out our TuskTools Treeliner application - it will let you manually order your notes - it also supports outlining in a tree structure, but you don't have to do that - you can keep them at the top level and just order them as you choose.

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