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onenote-style text editing & tagging; google docs style simultaneous editing



Hi guys,


I'm a long-time user of Evernote, trying to get my lab on board with it. I love the features that Evernote offers, but there's a long way to go before it truly becomes something we can all collaborate on.


IMO, the best part of Evernote is the ability to provide textual context to files that we have added to our notes. However, the text editing capabilities leave a lot to be desired.


OneNote has a great text editing capability. Drag in a file, and you can add bullet points or text to the left or right of the file. When looking at the hierarchy of a document, going top-down for us implies sequential importance, while going left-right implies equal importance, or literally, a "side note". 


If the text editing capabilities of Evernote can be extended that way, that'd make life a lot more flexible!


Additionally, I read that certain portions of the text can be tagged in onenote. Can that be added in for Evernote as well? That would help with searching and recalling - I can jump straight to the particular area of text that I'm interested, especially if I'm in a long, long note.


Finally, can there be simultaneous editing of notes enabled? That would bring true collaborative capacity to Evernote.



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The devs do read these posts,  so thanks for the suggestions - the only one I have any difficulty with is simultaneous editing - there's sharing,  and scope for comments and notes to go in more than one direction;  but Evernote is not an "instant" service - it syncs and updates regularly,  but AFAIK an 'always on' feature would require an awful lot of investment.

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