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Tags from One Notebook Automatically Populate New Notebook


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So, I have Notebook 1 with several tags.


I then create Notebook 2. It has some of the same tag names as Notebook 1. 


When I am in Notebook 2 and assign a tag name that is common between the notebooks, It shows a tag count which takes the tag's occurrences from Notebook 1.


I don't want this. I want tag counts and results to be shown for each notebook separately, not jointly.


Any solutions you might recommend?



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Tags have never been notebook-specific in Evernote. If you want better reporting, that's a fair request, but the tag tree has ceased to reflect the state of the current note list, with respect to tags used, note counts, etc. Maybe some kind of right-click / Statistics on the note list or current note list selection could be done?

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