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snapshot android - auto chooses weird unexplainable note names

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i like the snapshot feature.  but when i take one to create a new note it has weird behaviour.  Yesterday i took 4 from my local newspaper to save -- at home.... for some reason it titled all the new notes 

snapshop from <bank name> < bank account name> <mortgage amount> @ ontario 

(i've replaced the bank name and account name - cause thats private info).


I have no idea where its getting this info from - i wasn't looking at any notes related to this - nor do i have any afaik....  AND why not name it to the picture name default if no location is found (ie gps is off - i was home).


Also - since cells are now having better and better image capabilities -- being able to size down an image would be appreciated... i took a snapshop of a 2 inch square ad -- after syncing its around 12 " square... come on!  but there is no way to shrink an image size in evernote that i have found - sure i can crop stuff out, add notes and rotate it but skitch doesn't let me shrink it .   AND there are no 'handles' on images in evernote to accomplish that either.



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Is it possible you have an event in your device's calendar with a name similar to the name applied to the note? 


Evernote has a feature (which you can turn off in settings), that automatically suggests not titles based on calendar events at the time the note was created, and your current location. This is great if, for example, you create a note during your "lunchtime meeting re: product x", then your meeting notes are titled in a more or less meaningful way automatically.


If you have unrelated events in your calendar at the exact time you are creating the new note (or all day events), it can create odd results. 


(NOTE: Evernote will have asked your permission for access to your calendar and location, it wouldn't use that information unless you consented.)

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I'll have to leave the step- by-step directions to a user who uses android! I imagine somewhere in Evernote's settings on your device there's a setting called "suggested title" or "auto-title" or whatever the exact wording is on Android. While you wait for a fellow android user to chime in, you could peruse the app settings.

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Oh, "Duh".  I was looking at the settings on the PC, and not my phone.


Under the settings on the android, there is a settings tab called "Note Creation Settings" and then click on Enable Auto-title in notes. 


Anyway, thanks for the explanation of what was going on. :)

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