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Skitch Sync Issues. With a (sadface) workaround

Rob Ray

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I'm a rabid skitch user. I had about 2000 skitch notes in evernote. Most of my Skitch notes are bugs I track in web applications I build so it is incredibly useful to be able to reference an annotated screenshot taken weeks, months, or even years ago.



For the past few months I've been having a problem where when I hit Cmd + / to upload my Skitch Note it would either take a full minute or two or totally stall out. This would usually be followed by scenarios where syncing would be lagging or fail.


:( Workaround. 

After hunting around for a fix for this I finally decided to delete about 1000 of my skitch notes. Immediately afterward my upload problems went away and uploads have been quite fast.


This is disappointing as it really blunts the utility of Skitch for my purposes.


I'm curious to hear if this has happened to anyone else?


I realize this could be a corrupt Skitch Note or something instead of, or in addition to, a quantity problem. But I wasn't able to figure it out. Anyone have any information either way?



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You can check the activity log to see if you had a corrupt note. If it was corrupt and causing sync issues it would be referenced by title in the log. It was most likely that and not a quantity issue. You can still check the log to see if you had a sync problem in the past.


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