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On Mac, can Skitch capture an entire web page, including below the scroll?

Jeff Z


one of the things i really like about snagit is its ability to not only capture the current browser window, but also to capture the entire web page all the way to the bottom even when the web page goes below the scroll.


is this possible with skitch and if so, how do i do it?





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You might be best to use the web clipper to capture the entire page contents. Unfortunately the Screenshot setting on the clipper appears to capture only the visible portion. You'd have to use "article" or "full page" to clip it to a note, then print the note as a PDF, then convert to an image.... That's just my off-the-cuff solution having pondered it for about 30 seconds. If I think of anything else I'll post back. Perhaps someone else here has an idea too. 


Perhaps if you can explain what your end goal is, someone might be able to provide a solution too. 

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thanks, scott. my end goal is to easily capture entire web pages, even when they run over the scroll. this allows me to do two things:


1.  easily capture entire web page design screenshots in a single image for convenient later reference.


2.  easily capture entire web page design screenshots for annotations on a single long image without the hassle of having to break up a scrolling page into separate images and annotate separately.


as mentioned snagit has the ability to capture below the scroll to the bottom of the page but last time i checked it doesn't work on all browsers.



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You can clip the entire page using the web clipper (either article or full page setting), then Annotate the note, which creates a PDF with the original note contents (in this case the clipping of the web page) + annotations.

Might be worth a shot to see if this does what you are hoping!

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