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Live captioning on Google Glass

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Good afternoon! I'm such a newbie and we have an upcoming Conference and are planning to use Google Glass for live captioning for hearing impaired attendee(s). I heard that Evernote can do the work and so I tried the 'Take a Note' command on Google Glass and have someone in front of me speak. The Google Glass pretty much caught the texts however when the person stops speaking the screen died and I would have to activate the glass and say "Ok glass, take a note". Is there a way I can use Evernote to take audio notes from my iphone then see its text/caption conversion to the Google Glass? Can current Evernote do such thing?




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Evernote has a voice to text function,  but piping its output to another application (or linking it into Google Glass) is way outside my expertise.  I don't think a voice-to-text note can provide 'live' output unless you stop the input and then save or sync it.


Unless you can get some more specific advice from another Glass user or go Premium (if you aren't) and try out the chat function on the Support page (see below) to check in with Evernote to see whether the app can handle this operation,  I'd suggest you look for a backup process and test it out well before you get to the actual conference to make sure it works as you expect.  I have organised conferences,  and I've learned it's better to have backup plans for your backup plans just in case something goes wrong,  which it almost  inevitably will...


Best of luck with the project though,  and if you do pull this off please come back and tell us how!

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