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Uninstall/re-install problem


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I'm sorry if this is going over old ground for some of you but I am having a great deal of trouble with Evernote following the recent automatic update attempt. The update failed and having read several forum postings and other advise on the internet, I eventually used Revo uninstall to try and get rid of everything to do with Evernote. I have tried re-installing and still get the stock pop-up window that says it can only support one per-user installation. I have then tried several other suggestions from recent months (extending full permissions to 'everyone' etc.) and all to no avail. Please can someone tell me what the magic formula is to get past this problem and if it can be prevented from happening in the future - otherwise I will have to forget Evernote even though I have been using it successfully for several months until now.






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Best advice now is to raise a support ticket (see below) - you seem to have done everything possible to fix this,  so why you're still in trouble is somewhat above our (no)pay grades!


Meantime you could try downloading Glary Utilities which offers a "1-click maintenance" option - (don't change any of the defaults unless you really know what you're doing..) which will go through your hard drive and clean out any orphaned links or files..

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