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Evernote as Main Back-Up System

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I have been using Evernote a little, but I am beginning to think I haven't been using Evernote to its fullest capacity.  It dawned on me today when I was adding files to dropbox that I could do the same with Evernote.  Is my assessment correct?  Could I literally put everything in Evernote and utilize it the same way I would use dropbox?  Is there a disadvantage of doing that?

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I would not rely on Evernote as my "Main Back-Up System", especially if the data is important.  Data corruption can occur along with other hiccups.  I let the Evernote cloud act as a secondary backup, but my primary backups are:

  1. A set of local backups (not just one, but multiple backups - daily, weekly and monthly)
  2. An external 3rd party backup - I use Carbonite, there are others.
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