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Business cards in EN for Mac without SSEE



Is it possible to use the business card capabilities of EN for Mac without owning a snapscan Evernote edition? I am aware of the iOS app, but I have I have hundreds of cards that I would like to scan into the nice Evernote contact format, but I am not yet an owner of the SSEE.

Related to that: if I would own a SSEE and scan biz cards to EN for Mac, will they get the rich contact details, exportable to Contacts?


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The only two options are the iOS app or the SSEE.

Yes, business cards scanned with either the iOS app or the SSEE get rich, pretty looking contact cards that can be exported to Contacts.app on your Mac.

Best is to set your SSEE scanner/iOS device to automatically send them to your Contacts.app upon creation/scan. If you scan a bunch into Evernote without automatically adding them, manually sending to contacts can only be done one at a time.

You can also bulk-send to contacts by selecting all the contact notes you want to add to your contacts application, then select Note>share>send to contacts (NOTE that this is only available through the menu bar, not the right-click contextual menu). 

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