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Turn off Activity stream notifications in toolbar



Using Evernote 5.5.1 on a Mac, is there anyway to either turn off the Activity Stream icon notifications in the toolbar, or even just remove that icon from the toolbar (as in, it would be nice if we could customize)? I don't need it and find it distracting on a nearly hourly basis. Thanks!

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As far as I know it is currently not possible to turn off the activity stream or to remove it from the toolbar. 


You might be able to make things a bit more manageable by turning off Evernote notifications in OS X by navigating to:

System Preferences>Notifications

and turning the Alert Style to "Off", and moving it to the "not in notification centre" section. at least this way you won't get the OS X generated notifications. 


Perhaps control over the activity stream is something Evernote will consider in a future release. Not sure about a customizable toolbar.... Been requested by many and haven't seen it yet! 

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