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Sanity check on Search Speed Method


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I have been a mite frustrated with EN tag search since the move to 5.0.  I just tried a different method which appears to work like 4.0.  I don't have a huge data base, 24,000 notes with a lot of embedded PDFs.


I had been using the tag search toggle.  It took 23 seconds to do the below.

  1. Clicking on All Notes, 2- 3 second wait
  2. Clicking on the toggle
  3. Waiting for the tag search (Click here to filter by tag..) to appear
  4. Entering the tag
  5. Waiting again for the search results to appear.  


New method, 8 seconds, only lag being the one after clicking all notes.

  1. Clicking on All Notes, 2- 3 second wait
  2. Entering the tag into the search bar until it appears in the list
  3. Selecting the tag from the list
  4. No wait, the search results appear immediately.

And if you just shortcut the tag, 4 seconds with the only lag after clicking on all notes.


Just wondering if anyone else gets similar results.  And wondering how many search routines are in use at EN since for the life of me I can't figure out why one and two above wouldn't be using the same engine?   Net of it all using the second method above is MUCH less disruptive to my workflow.

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