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Hyperlink to one webpage inside a note


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I am brand new at Evernote.  I searched for the answer to my question and watched a lot of video tutorials -- many of which seem not to be the same version of Evernote (the newest as of May 2014 for Windows 7).  I created several notes with just a weblink.  The text is highlighted and behaves as if it is prepared to open in a web browser -- but it does not.  Nothing happens.  I have to believe that this program does not expect me to copy and paste this web address (every time) into my browser to open a saved link, but so far, that is all I can manage.  


Thanks in advance. A screen shot is attached.  




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Thanks for responding!  Here are my strange and mixed results:


1.  On my windows 7 desktops (both of the ones I use), with my cursor in the linked text, and pressing ctrl-k, it appears that the URL is definitely missing -- it thinks the address is only "http://"   and invites me to add an address.


2.  On the web version (the newest Chrome version), a new tab opens (as if all is well) but the link goes nowhere because it is unintelligble -- here are the first few characters in the address it thinks is right: "invoke://1,default:0,eyJ1cmkiOiJodHRwOi8vYmVubm9zYnV0dG9ucy5jb20vaW5kZXgucGhwP3JvdXRlPWluZm9ybWF0a"


3.  My BlackBerry 10 is opening all the links perfectly from my BlackBerry 10 evernote app and from the BlackBerry native Remember app, which somewhat integrates with Evernote.



Any ideas?  

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Hmmm this has me puzzled. 


Where are you copying these URLs from initially? From the address bar of your browser? 


Not on the windows client myself so I can't test this out.... there's definitely a windows user kickin' around that might have an idea or has encountered this same issue. 

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Not sure what's going on here - let me doublecheck I did this right:  I opened a new note,  copied and pasted the URL from this page into the note,  where it turned into a link (blue, underlined text).  Then skipped to another note and back and tried the link.  I'm now writing this on the new tab that opened up.  Works perfectly,  Win8, Chrome.

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