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where to switch on predictive titles for notes on Evernote Desktop (OS Maverick)?

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I like (at least most of the time) the predictive title function on evernote. But I seem not to be able to get it on the Evernote desktop version (nor via the web browser). I know the setting on the iOS version but is there some similar switch for the Desktop version?





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This is actually an interesting observation. I too cannot find any setting for this on the Mac. Evernote shows up in System Prefs>Security and Privacy>Privacy as having access to my location information but not my calendar info. I'll have to pay a bit more attention to whether it is suggesting note titles on my mac at all...


I'll have to dig further into this too. Perhaps suggested note titles are considerably scaled back on desktop for some reason... 


Not having it in the web seems reasonable. Integrating location awareness in the browser is a bit of a chore. Tying into your calendar server-side (if it isn't google calendar) would be very hard and would only work for a select number of services, so many users would find themselves without note title suggestions if they use something like iCloud or don't sync their calendar at all, and a browser isn't going to have access to the locally stored calendar (because if you're logged into www.evernote.com on my computer, you don't want my calendar information informing your note titles.

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5 hours ago, Freemjos640 said:

Where is the setting on the new version fro iPad?

You will get a better answer if you post in the IOS forum;  My understanding is there's no predictive titles option in IOS v8

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