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Feature request for gmail clipper



Before the clipper worked, I forwarded messages to Evernote quite a bit, and made a rule in gmail that would tag these notes as Evernoted. This is very useful in processing email to see what has already been filed and what has not.


Now that the clipper works for mail, I prefer it because the formatting is better, and there is a link back to the conversation in gmail.


However, I now don't see any way to tag the messages that have been sent to Evernote. An automatic tag added by the clipper would be a nice feature.

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Hi Extropy,

I believe when the clipper interface shows up, you can click on the portion under the "file" heading that says "tag" to add a tag. Here's what the menu looks like once you click on either the notebook or tag button on the web clipper



Is that what you are looking for? Note that eventually the clipper starts trying to predict and automatically suggest tags and notebooks for stuff from similar locations/similar content so if you ALWAYS tag these clips "gmail" or something, the clipper should start automatically suggesting the gmail tag. 

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Ah, I see.... That may be beyond what Evernote is capable of incorporating into their clipper... But maybe not.

In the mean time, you could probably set up an IFTTT or Zapier recipe. It would be the "reverse" of what you are hoping to do, such that if you apply a particular label to a message in gmail, that message is sent to Evernote.

Now, this wouldn't necessarily create the link back to the original gmail message, but I do not use gmail so I cannot test.... Either IFTTT or Zapier may allow you to include a message URL variable into the body of the Evernote note that is produced. Worth playing around with I think.

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