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Suggestion: enable right click on tag to create new note with that tag

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Inspired with the talks on "GTD with evernote", I rearranged all my notes with tags. 


Basically there is only about minimal notebooks, but lots of tags. 


A lot of time I was exploring a topic on a tag, and wanted to write new notes under that tag. Then I realized I cannot just right click a tag and do "new note under this tag" (while similar thing can be done with notebook as my choosing a notebook will default new notes to that one).


So wonder if you can add a new function "right click tag to add notes under it"? 

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No. If you open a (non-default) notebook X, then the button becomes "new note in X".


I suppose the default location for the newly created note would have to be the user's default notebook. Interesting idea for those GTD'rs out there.

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Not sure about the phrasing here, but if you're meaning "add a new note with the same tag" and you're dealing with notes that aren't too long,  you can do almost the same thing by using Copy to notebook / preserve tags - then blank the copied content and start over.  You can choose to copy to the 'same' notebook,  or if you prepare some templates in a separate notebook with the necessary tags in place, you can copy blank notes to the 'inbox' notebook,  or whatever stage you need to populate.

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