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Request for a Faster, Feature-Light Version

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I've been a huge fan of Evernote for over 4yrs now but, unfortunately, the product is getting worse and worse for me. I miss the days when Evernote was fast and just worked. I have two premium accounts (one personal and one for my business). Fundamentally, I just need a way to write text notes, attach files, and then tag, search, and sort those notes. Some of the features that have been added in recent years are kinda nice, but I'd GLADLY give them all up if the core functionality worked better/faster. My Evernote desktop application now freezes up for 10-30 seconds at least a dozen times a day. Just switching between notes routinely takes 5-10 seconds. Plus, it turns out, I can't edit a bunch of notes on my new Android tablet because the formatting isn't supported. If I would have known that some features weren't supported across platforms, I wouldn't have used those features. 


Anyway, these frustrations keep me looking for alternatives to Evernote every few months. For example, if OneNote had a list view with sorting options, I'd start the process of seeing if I could move over. Of course, I'd prefer if Evernote just worked again. 

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I don't think you are alone in experiencing what many people around here are calling "scalability" issues (such as freezes and general bogging-down). I'm not so sure this is to do with "extra" features as much as it has to do with Evernote not handling very large databses (or not-so-very-large databases in some cases)  very well. 


As we saw from Phil Libin in a blog post in January, as of November 2013 there has been a renewed focus on enhancing the core Evernote experience. Your issues with formatting are broadly felt too, and thankfully Evernote staff have stated that significant re-working of the note editor (presumably across most? clients) is currently underway, so we should see some improvements there hopefully in the near future. 


I think we will see other improvements too, indeed, the editor and scalability require attention, and we know formatting is getting it, hopefully speed with large databases will too (The sync improvements introduced a couple of months ago is a start!) 

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