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Email Set Up Instructions



Good Morning!


 I am extremely new to evernote and apologize if this optic has already been asked and answered but, in my very limited tech/computer skills, I could not find it.  I have downloaded and set-up evernote on my Mac and have my evernote email address but cannot get the email account set up in my computer.  Is there anywhere I can find out the mail server info?  Or a step by step process to do this?  


Thank you all, in advance for helping!

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You don't need to set up the email account on your computer.


You just use your Evernote email address when you want to send information into your Evernote account.

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Wow!  I really am tech savvy!  NOT!  It was and is too easy.  Leave it to me to over think something to death.  Thank you both for your help.  I'm sure I'll be asking more and appreciate it very much.

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