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Cannot clip as Clipper is not offering a notebook,



When I clip an article (wether article or simplified article), the usual black bar appears on the right, so the "add tag" appears, but ho choice for a notebook. So when I click on the save button, I see the usual black panel except that this time it says: 'clipping "..."', which does not do anything. This happens 90% of the time, and I have no idea why (good network, slow one, ethernet, wifi, Europe, China...). Leaving the page opened for 10 minutes does not do anything, nor restarting the extension, nor the mac, not even myself.


I depend very much on EN for my work, but I see more and more occasions where things go astray: sync problems, offline notes that turn online in an offline notebook, and now this... may be time for EN to do a big code Spring clean-up. 


Mac OSX 10.9.2

Safari 7.0,2

Clipper 6.1

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It sounds like the notebooks haven't finished loading at the time you are executing the clip. We've optimized this in Chrome version but not yet for Safari but it is coming soon there as well. 

The workaround in the meantime is to wait a few seconds after starting the clipper before you hit save. The visual indicator is that a notebook name has been loaded into the sidebar.


One things that affects notebook loading time is the 'Notebook selection' setting. Disabling 'Smart filing' setting and use one of the other options will get it a bit faster. 

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions. In connection with jbignert reply, I think this may be linked to my location, and I have had a really hard time getting to this forum. I am now in China, and I am familiar with Gmail slowing down to a crawl, but I had never seen this with Evernote (I am saying this because my other Internet connections are working fine)

Logging back in did help, and thanks for that too, Scottlougheed!

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