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Can someone explain how to "easily" search notebooks you aren't subscribed to?

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I just installed and the release notes say:

Business users can easily search for business notebooks they have not yet joined



Here is what I have to do:

  1. Scroll down through 30-40 screens of tags that are in my business notebooks because in En5, there is no way to collapse the business tags without collapsing the personal tags to.
  2. Select the Business Notebook icon
  3. select a notebook (this does no good by the way, but it feels good to do it)
  4. Type my search term in the search box
  5. Get a post-it-note listing of notes instead of a list
  6. Realize that the post-it note listing includes the business notebooks I am subscribed to in addition to the ones I am not, which seems pointless as I can get those from my Business Notebooks section of my personal install much faster.
  7. Realize that the notes are in random order it seems. Here are the edits of the first 8 notes:
    1. 17 days ago
    2. 10 months ago
    3. 2 years ago
    4. 20 days ago
    5. 3 years ago
    6. 3 years ago
    7. 2 years ago
    8. 1 year ago

Now, it returned 4,783 notes and I know darn well there are probably 100 within the last 90 days that match my search term.


While the search returned a decent set of notes, it is like 4,783 sheets of paper were thrown on my floor and someone said "here you go! everything you asked for"

I have no idea how many notes we have in total, but I know in 3 notebooks I do not participate in, there are 30,000+ notes and I have 5,000 notes in notebooks I do subscribe to, so it is likely safe to say 40,000 notes and the database is easily 140GB.

I am assuming I am missing something major here. Like how to sort the results, limit by notebook (that I am not subscribed to by the way so not sure of the names)


And once I am done with the search, how do I get back to the notebook list?

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