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Failed to run pipe server with low integrity and EPM support attributes

Jos Geluk

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I just upgraded to version on Windows 7 64bits. Every sync attempt gives me "Sync failed due to unexpected behavior at client side". The log mentions "Failed to run pipe server with low integrity and EPM support attributes", but it has been doing that for days already, so I think this is unrelated. Nothing else is in the log file. What could be wrong?





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Hi - sounds like there's something wrong with either the downloaded software or your database.  I'm on W8 and the same version,  which is working fine for me.


For a support response please raise a request via the link in my signature.  If you want to have a go at fixing this in the meantime,  try using the Revo (free) uninstaller to delete your software and re-download and reinstall it.  If that fails you can rename your database EXB file and allow Evernote to rebuild it from the server.  There are a view health warnings you should observe - we've posted full details of the process several times,  so please search the forums if you need details.

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Same thing is happening to me.  I am on build 4296 on Windows 7 64-bit, and it just started crashing out of the blue.  It will not start.  I've un-installed and re-installed.. still doesn't work.


I'll be asking for support too.

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