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Sticky Note Sync Problem - Deleted Notebook

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I deleted my Sticky Note Notebook and now would like to restore and sync Sticky Notes across my platforms.  Can someone tell me how to restore the deleted notebook for sticky notes or set up a new destination notebook?

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Evernote does not have any native sticky note function.

Are you talking about this third party sticky-note application?:



I'm on a mac and cannot test this out, but here are a few suggestions:

Right clicking on the Sticky Notes icon in your task bar (bottom right hand, near the clock), select settings.


From here, try forcing a synchronization of the Sticky Notes app, this might cause it to re-create a sticky notes notebook. 

If that doesn't work, try logging out of evernote from the sticky notes app (NOT the evernote application), and logging back in. See if that recreates it. 



from the looks of it, you are not able to select a different notebook than the one created by the Sticky Notes application. This notebook should sync across all of your devices. 

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It is fixed. I uninstalled both Evernote and sticky notes and reinstalled. It took three tries to get sticky notes authorized by Evernote but it now works. Thanks for you suggestion.

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