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Feature request: URL shortener service

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The demise of http://tr.im and related http://pic.im makes me realize the fickle nature of free web services. I've posted a ton of pictures using pic.im, and within a short while they will all disappear. I'm looking for alternatives, and thinking that my premium Evernote account, or a paid Flickr account, might be just a little more reliable in the long term. I could just start posting all my pictures and links to a public Evernote notebook. But how to let others know of each post? Presently, I have to share an ugly, long URL to my post which is impossible, for example, to tweet (without using some other URL shortener service like bit.ly.

So here's my request: Evernote, please provide a URL shortener service for Premium members to use on their public notebooks. If you message me privately, I have some domain-name ideas to use for such a service. I would love to be able to share this: http://evernote.com/E123z instead of this: http://www.evernote.com/pub/midtoad/Pub ... 6426d71d71



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+1 !!!!


I just had this same desire. Mine is specific to sharing skitch screen grabs via loooong evernote URLs. I always run them through a shortener like bitly...but it would be awesome if it was just done for me by an evernote shortener.

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Yes, Evernote should provide a URL shortener.


Recipients of a shared note from me, shortened with goo.gl, received a surprising error message, from Google. Basically, Google said it was a violation of one of its policies, for the URL shortener to have been used. Strange, These were meeting notes I made, containing nothing surprising and certainly nothing along the lines of protected content, trademarked or copyright, etc. It was mildly embarrassing, to me. And probably none of those recipients will be falling over themselves to give Evernote a try.

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