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Hi, I hit CTRL-A while in a particular notebook to merge the notes in that notebook. For some reason, and unknown to me at the time, Evernote selected all of my notes in every notebook. When I selected merge, boom, all of my notebooks were put into a single note. Undo did nothing. The sync ran. OMG - this is going to take hours to fix. Is there any way to revert to before the sync took place?

Thanks, &y

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So I just realized that the merge function moves the notes that are being merged into the Trash, and I'm able to recover them from there. whew :)

Glad you were able to recover your notes. And thanks for posting this. I occasionally do a merge & then wish I hadn't. And I'd noticed there's no UNDO. So far, NBD since it's normally short notes & easily recreated or else I can live with it. But I've taken a screen cap of this & put it into Evernote so I can find it if/when I need it. :o

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