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(Archived) cliping graphic images from advertisments

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Can I use evernote to automatically scan published ads and

search for particular words or graphic images?

Google seems to be able to do that on a universal basis

regardless of the source of published materials.

But for text only. I need both text and graphics.

thank you for any suggestions.

N Kabak

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If you make a note that contains an image in it, we will try to find the text within that image so that you can search for those words. This works for pictures (e.g. digital photos), but it should also work for graphical advertisements.

You could test this by adding a test advertisement to Evernote. Sync to the web, wait a few minutes, sync back to your client, and try to search for words in that picture.


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Thanks for your prompt reply.

Just be clear about my request,

I want to be able to be on top of

the latest developements in a

particular area.

As an example:

to capture a graphic image of any

Allergy free logo and or text in a

press release or newspaper, thereby

I would be presented with a lead to

follow the item or article.

I hope this is clear and not taking too

much of your time.

N Kabak

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