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Reading a blog according to a schedule


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Not sure if this is the right place to ask IFTTT question (I asked here).


I need help with a (I think) non-trivial recipe. Here it is, in case someone has an idea.


I want to read a blog, post by post, according to a given schedule. Example


Monday, week #1: post #1

Thursday, week #1: post #2

Monday, week #2: post #3

Thursday, week #2: post #4

Monday, week #3: post #5

Thursday, week #3: post #6


The trigger is easy. It's the target that's complicated as it requires to keep track of the last post that was read, and do "next post".

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Are these blog posts already posted and you just want to distribute them over time? Or do you want to schedule these readings as they are published

You said it better than I did: they are already posted and I want to [receive them by email] over time [on specific days], one after the other.

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IFTTT does not allow you to do this.


I took a look at what Zapier might have to offer too and this does not appear to be possible. 


If you just want these emailed to yourself, then I am not sure what this has to do with Evernote. If you wanted to use Evernote, you could clip each article on the blog to a note, set a reminder for each note for the day you want to read that article on. Then, as you read each one, you just complete the reminder, so you always know which one is next. 


I think it comes down to the fact that you're going to have to use your own brain to schedule this. 

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