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Losing all preferences after every restart of Mac



Hey guys, 


so since about two weeks, there is something wrong with my Evernote. Everytime I restart my MacBook, Evernote requires me to log in again (two-step verification) and when I do so, the program has lost all the preferences, including shortcuts. It also shows me the tutorial thing again, as if I just installed Evernote. After the log in there is also the small window saying something about migrating notes from previous versions. 


Has anyone encountered the same problem and was smarter than me to fix that? 


Evernote version 5.5.1(402628 App Store)

Mac OS X 10.9.2






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I run the same system that you describe, and a few days ago, EN started acting up on me.  Although my problem was not exactly like yours, I did experience problems each time I opened the app.  To fix the issue was to simply delete EN completely off my system and re-install.  I re-installed from the Evernote website, not the App Store.


If you think that is the best thing for you, this may help:  https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24422932


Make sure you back up your account as well as sync before you uninstall.

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