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Keeping notes in order

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I'm pretty new to Evernote and am finding my way around except for one major issue. I'm creating Notebooks with approximately 10 notes in them for the purpose of training my team (large network marketing team) on various aspects of our business. I have numbered the notes and chosen to Sort Notes by Title. They appear in order when I'm on my laptop or iPhone, but when I Share the notebook and use the "Public Link URL," it's not staying in numbered order. Any way to ensure that this stays in order without people having to go in and Sort Notes. I expect lots of people won't have any Evernote experience and I want them to be able to use the notes/notebooks easily.


Thanks for any help!



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Unfortunately there is no way to ENFORCE an order, it is always user selectable (and what is possible to select varies by client, for example, the iOS clients cannot sort in as many ways as the desktop clients). 


Since the general default for sorting for ALL clients is by date updated/date created, one thing that might work might be to change the date updated for each note so that they are in the proper sequence, using the date as a means of ordering them. You might change them all to 

January 1 2099

January 2 2099

january 3 2099

so that January 1 comes first/last (depending on ascending or descending), and january 3 is first/last (again depending on asc/desc). 

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Well, it depends. I usually pick a far out year because either I want that note to always be at the top of the notebook forever, or because I will manually move/delete/modify it at a known point in time in the future. 

For example I have a bunch of notes with itineraries and receipts for an upcoming trip at the beginning of June. I made a Table of Contents note for all of these itineraries and set the year to 2099 so that it is "pinned" to the top of that particular notebook (which I happen to share with my partner, and who is coming on this trip). When the trip is over, I'll probably delete the table of contents note (the trip has its own tag after all, so if I needed to look up this set of notes in the future for some reason, I can just search for that tag). 

Theoretically I could have picked a date like 2015, but since it ultimately doesn't matter I just go with my habit of 2099. 


So in either case, I want it to be pinned permanently and I don't want the passing of time to mess with it, or I will delete it anyway. 


You just want to make sure you pick a date far enough in the future that newly created/updated content doesn't undo your sorting. For example, if you pick Jan 1 2015, then anything you do in that notebook next year will be on top. Selecting 2099 guarantees this will never happen (unless I live to be extraordinarily old, and Evernote really does live up to being a 100 year company ;))

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