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I am thinking of using Evernote for a business application, but I am not sure if it will work. I need to collect information from about 6 to 8 people daily. Can I have that many logged in on one account at the same time?


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However, I will say, my partner and I share the same account for our business.  We understand we cannot edit the same Note at the same time, we must Sync after each edit to the account and we sync each time we begin to work on our desktop clients/mobile devices before we enter any Notes.


Our employees each have their own accounts and they share a Notebook with us.  They can create, edit, etc in those shared notebooks and after communication to confirm the latest version of their work (noted on the note themselves), we then copy out of the Shared Notebooks what we need.


There is a lot of communication going on, but we talk to each other everyday anyway.  We do use the Premium account.

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