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No, this is available to all users. Premium users see marginally faster OCR (Optical character recognition), so images are searchable sooner than free members, though we're usually talking a matter of minutes. 


Since OCR happens server-side, you need to make sure the note with the image has synced UP to the server, some time (minutes) need to pass to let the server do its thing, then the note with the OCR metadata needs to sync back DOWN to your device(s).


If perhaps several hours have passed and you've synced multiple times, then, using a desktop client, open the note bring up the Note Info (the i on the Mac client, or cmd-shift-i), it should say either "all attachments indexed" or "x attachments need indexing". If it is the latter, that means the image has not been processed. Try copy and pasting the contents of that note into a new note, sync, wait, sync, and see if that new note gets indexed. 


If not, consider opening a support ticket. 

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