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I don't know what to do, and I'm not entirely sure what happened. I've been using Evernote for the past year mostly on my Android phone. A little while ago, I finally decided to update Evernote for the first time since a year ago. After I updated and reopened the app, all my notes were still there, but most of all the recent ones were blank with a refresh symbol on the right corner of each. I'd click on the note and it'd be blank and displaying a error and refresh button. I decided to reinstall and reopen the app. This time, all the files with the refresh button that were empty before simply disappeared. 

To be honest I'm not sure if everything had synced properly all along. I just never had reason to look into that issue because there hadn't been any issues until now. 
And though I understand it's mostly my fault and carelessness that this happened, I'm just hoping to find a way to restore or retrieve my lost files because it really is very important to me. 

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If you hadn't successfully sync'd for a while then you've probably got a problem - your best bet though is to open a support case.

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