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android Option to tag when sharing from Chrome on Android?

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I noticed that if I share something from Android Chrome to Pocket, it gives me the option to tag what I just shared. Would evernote consider doing the same thing?

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At the moment (in my beta version at least) the clipper seems not to live in Android - if you share a page to Evernote,  you'll get a 'clip pending' in the note itself,  later replaced by a copy of the page.  Not sure what's involved with all of this,  but it seems very different from the way things work in desktop applications.  Not sure what extra load integrated tagging would add to the mixture - did you have in mind tagging all clips with a standard tag,  or choosing your tag(s) on the fly with each clip?


If a standard tag,  you could search via "resource:" to ID all mobile clips (or those from other sources) and tag - but why would you,  you can find them with a search.

If variable tags,  you can achieve the same result with keywords either -

  • open the note and amend the title or the content.  
  • save another quick text note with extra comments - when you find that one later,  the one with almost the same creation date/time is your clip.

 - but again do you need to do any of this - the page is already searchable on content,  or by date,  or by source

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