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android Evernote no built-in backup and no built-in Widget?

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I am currently evaluating Evernote on Android.


Much to my surprise I found no built-in Widget for the homescreen.


Futhermore I found no backup option.


Did I miss something?


I don't want to use additional external Apps for these tasks.


Evernote should have them included.




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Hi - there's a range of Widgets that you can add to the home page just like the widgets for any other app.  You're right that Evernote for Android doesn't include a backup option because everything that you save as a note will sync back to the main server online - your phone won't store anything unless you specify one or more notebooks for local storage,  and they're just copies of the server version anyway.  Very few other apps offer any level of backup.  You'll get a full copy of your database on any desktop computer from which you log into Evernote via an installed copy,  and (like any other desktop application) you can -and should- backup that database independently if you want additional redundancy.

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