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Where are "Preferences"


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Thanks for your response  :)


I'm aware of Tools >> Options


Before posting here, several Gogle searchers were having problems finding the exact word "Preferences". One reply said, "What they don't tell you is that it's hidden under the icon at the top left."  Several other replies mentioned "top left".


That's why I attached my screenshot showing what I see at top left.


I now suspect that the searchers were using a Mac platform, or some other platform.


>>  what are you trying to accomplish?


I think I broke the rule that every question in life should start from that  :)


Objective:  I want to know what my default notebook is.



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If you did not change anything in your setup, then your default notebook is called "General".

If you changed the default notebook, you can right click on any other notebook and look under "properties".

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For some reason that I'm unaware of, EN has chosen to no longer conspicuously identify the default notebook in the Windows, iOS & web clients. Possibly all other clients, but those are the three I use. The easiest way to identify the default notebook is to create a note that will go to the default notebook & then look at the note & find out what notebook it's in.

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