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Applescript to set Subject automatically when sending email notes



Hi everyone,


Sorry if the title is a bit confusing. I have managed to set up rules in Apple Mail that send certain messages from the app into Evernote, automatically, according to some rules. It works just fine, except for the part that I always end up having to tag each note and send them to their corresponding notebooks. I know that, if I want to add a note to Evernote using email, I can manually set both the notebook, using @ before the notebook name, and the tags, just by adding # before each tag on the email message Subject. What I would like to know is if any of you know how to build a script that automates this process. I mean, when I build the rule in Apple Mail, there's the option to add a script, so I guess it would be possible to create one that tells the app to set the Subject with the @Notebookname and #Tagname for that rule.

You think this is possible?


Thank you so much!



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