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(Archived) 2 separate Evernote accounts?

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I use my Premium account for 2 purposes: store personal information and general news about politics.

Approximately 40% is personal stuff and 60% is politics.

To maintain fast access and limit the chance of a corrupt database, I have been thinking about exporting all the political notes and using two Evernote accounts (with different user ID's)

1.) the Premium account would be for my personal data

2.) a free account for the info on politics

Do you think this would be a wise idea?

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The clients don't make it particularly smooth to switch between different accounts. The Mac, in particular, only stores one account at a time per Mac desktop login.

If you wanted to use one account purely from the web UI (e.g. with our Javascript bookmarklet web clipper), this could work, but might not be as convenient as you'd like.

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