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(Archived) Evernote wishlist

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I find I like looking at things in a different perspective to get new insight or inspiration. I am looking for some application that lets me reshuffle my thoughts and ideas. I want to be able to brainstorm or collect them in whatever random, or ordered fashion they come. (Evernote is great for that part.) But then resort them visually/spatially or chronologically. Evernote is also great for finding them, if I can recall a bit about it. But browsing them or making relationships, not so good.

I liked the idea, features and community support of Personal Brain, but realized that it drove my crazy because I am a spatial thinker and the map moves around every time you add a thought. The ability to "pin it down" is only available in the very high cost versions. If it would really do all I want it would be worth the cost, but frankly I am not sure. I can't get past the constant "swirlingness" of it to give it a good try. One thing I love about Evernote is the way the notes are chronologically ordered, yet another way I naturally "place" thoughts in my own mind.

So here is what I wish for...

I love Evernote as it is for a collection device. It would be perfect if the notes could be exported into a mindmap program with the tags being parents or some similar identification. Also if you added dates they could be viewed in a calendar format. (In my minds eye, the thoughts are like note cards or folders and now displayed in the grid shape of a calender, not just text written in the blocks of a calender.)

So how to arrange for a marriage of Evernote and Personal Brain, the nearest I can think of to achieve what I am looking for? A good start would be if Evernote notes could be exported into some generic file format. If that were possible, then it may be workable right now.

Empress G

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