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Only one note showing... why?

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Im missing all my notes. The Android app still holds them but I can´t see them in windows. I have several notebooks with more than one note but the only one showing is the most recent. 


Any idea how to fix this?


I tried these, none of which made a difference: 


  • Sharing the notebook
  • Closing evernote from windows task manager
  • Restarting, logging out and back in
  • Restarting the computer


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Try loggin in with the web client to see if your notes are there. If they are, then the problem is with syncing in the Windows client. If they're not, then the problem is with syncing in the Android client. Either way, you should consider opening a support request, but check the web client first, as that would be useful information to the support folks.

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Hey - just a follow-up to Johnny Botha's comment:


To re-enable the View which shows you the list of notes for a particular notebook in the top pane:

  1. Go to 'View' in the toolbar at the top
  2. Scroll down to 'Note List' and hover to reveal the pop-out menu items
  3. Select 'Show Note List'
  4. The list of all the notes in your currently selected notebook should appear in a pane above the current Note

Note that the F11 key also toggles this view on or off...I think I may have accidentally toggled it off.  F11 is a common shortcut for a Full Screen view in many video players - I was taking notes in EN while watching a training video on another monitor, and probably hit F11 to go full screen on the video and inadvertently switched off the Note List view in evernote without noticing.



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