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Feature request: List linked notes in "Related notes" section

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If I create note A that contains a note link to note B, surely they're related? So note B should list note A in it's "Related notes" section. But this doesn't happen. I'm guessing there's a complicated algorithm to determine the probability of "relatedness" based on all sort of things but the existence of a note link should be considered 100% probability that the notes are related.


Sometimes I need to look for all notes that link to a specific note and having the above functionality would be helpful.


Side note: I think the "related notes" section is for premium users only.

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The question of linked notes is different to related notes - I'd agree with your guess that there's some sort of 'smart' matching going on to pick stuff with broadly similar content;  it maybe even that notes with the same content are excluded because a search would easily find those..  Agree though that more help with links would be a Good Thing - someone else raised the suggestion in another thread that if you change the title of a note,  any other notes linking to that one should also change the link to reflect the updated title.  Making it easy to create a "link to" by using CamelText or [brackets] would be good,  as also (and this is from yet another thread) the idea of 'transcluded' data - all or part of one note (containing something like a phone number or address) showing up as text in another note.  An example of this might be contact details for several people working at one company.  Set up one note with the company details,  then separate notes for each person,  including the 'transcluded' company contact details.  If the company details ever change you edit the company note,  and the details automatically then change in all the contact notes.

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