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Tag Changes Not Syncing


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I added a Tag in the Windows 7 version of EN. I then assigned the Tag to a specific Note. For openers, the "Update Date" for the Note did not change and the Note was not marked for Syncing. I then Synced.


Then, I started up EN on my iPad. I Synced it. I searched for the specific Note. It was not updated.


I then went back to the Windows version and manually updated the "Update Date" for the specific Note. It was then marked for Syncing. I Synced again.


I started up EN on my iPad again and Synced it. The Note was still not changed.


I would have expected the Note to have changed on the iPad and the new Tag associated to the Note.


Am I doing something wrong?


Isn't EN designed to do that?

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In the Windows client, I verified that when I change a note's tags (add or remove), the sync flag is set. You can see this by selecting the list view option, and ensuring that the Sync column is active. There will be a dot in the Sync column for unsynced notes.


If you have notes that aren't synced when you think they should be, I'd recommend contacting support.

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