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(Archived) Evernote starting up at login issue.



hello, I noticed evernote starts at login. From system preferences>accounts>login items, I removed the evernote application. At next startup the helper isn't running as expected. However upon the next use of evernote its automatically placed back into the startup items. Is there a way to prevent this from happening. I would like to keep evernote helper from starting at login. Also what does the helper provide when it is starting up at login? Any information would be appreciated, thanks!

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The Evernote Helper is what enables the OS-level clipping ... it's the elephant in the MenuBar. If you completely disable the clipping and MenuBar stuff and then remove us from the login items, I don't think we'll start any code on start-up.

That, of course, means you can't do any clipping until you start Evernote yourself.

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When I remove evernote from startup items I still have access to the contextual menu items within safari. (add selection to evernote, add page to evernote, add page to evernote as PDF). Since thats what I use mostly i dont feel the need to have evernote helper start at login. Is there a way to disable evernotes autologin and keep it disabled. When evernote helper is removed from startup items it reappears once I use one of the commands in safari's contextual menu I spoke of earlier which triggers the application to open. So basically Its the application opening that adds helper to login items. I want to disable the helper from being added even if i open evernote.app. I dont want helper to be added to startup items every time I open evernote.app. Is there any way around this?

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Sorry, I lied. The EvernoteHelper process continues to run in the background, in order to support things like our global hotkeys. There's no way to completely prevent it from running, but it shouldn't consume any notable resources if you're not using it.

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If you are whining about evernote in the startup it is time to buy some new ram... EvernoteHelper does not have a major impact on battery life, cpu or memory if you have a decent amount of ram... if you are still trying to push your first gen intel mac with 512MB to 1GB of ram, quit being cheap and upgrade your memory... 1GB is below standard at this point... 4GB is now the new standard on new machines, so time to get with the program. And, if you are still using a PPC mac and have 1GB or lower of memory, well, then you shouldn't even be here.

However, if you have a decent amount of ram and are simply one of those people that hates anything running in the background without their knowledge, then maybe computers aren't for you... I hear the government has GPS tracking and hidden cameras embedded inside every computer and monitor, so you are being watched right now... better put that computer in the closet, its not safe LOL

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im using the newest 17" MBP, I don't have issues with ram, and I don't think I'm asking for to much by not wanting evernote to startup automatically in the background when I start my computer. I've even discussed this issue in IRC channels with other EN users and they think its annoying as well. When I manually remove something from startup items I expect it to stay removed, and not add itself every time I use the program. I think this should be adjusted in upcoming versions. My concern is limiting the amount of applications and helpers starting up at login, decreasing boot time to a reasonable length of time, nothing to do with paranoia. Hows that being a jerk off working out for you? :lol:

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I don't think it is whining to be able to set your preference. You should be able to disable a startup item if you want. But beyond that I have found that my mac uses up the battery faster while "sleeping" if the evernotehelper is running.

Either way, I solved this problem by simply renaming the evernotehelper to evernotehelper.disabled. Now it is not added back to login items every time I start evernote. Obviously I no longer get global shortcuts and the menubar icon but I am OK with that --- as I do not use them. Your mileage can and will vary though.

The helper can be found here:

Applications -> evernote -> contents -> resources

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Actually I have found a better solution. OSX stores a user's startup items in a file. If this file is locked (get info -> check mark locked) then the startup items cannot be updated. The file in question is located here:


Just lock this file and evernote cannot update the login items. Two important notes:

1. The evernote helper will continue to run after you exit evernote but can easily be killed (and won't be added)

2. If you need to modify your startup items then you will have to unlock this file.

I think this is a better solution (at least until evernote fixes this problem) than modifying an evernote program file (no matter how minor) --- who knows how that will affect an update.


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