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Cardmunch to Evernote - no export database functions?




I just made the forced switch from Cardmunch to Evernote. Cardmunch had its challenges in terms of exporting business card data to a database and wasn't perfect, but I'm blown away that Evernote would even offer a business card service that doesn't allow you to export business card data into a usable database. I feel like I must be missing something, but can't find any menu that allows me to "export all business cards as .csv" . That means my business card database in Evernote is unusable to import into other programs like Salesforce or Mailchimp. I MUST be missing something.


I also tried exporting to my Apple Contacts (AKA Address Book), this posed two problems that make this also an impossible solution:

1. No way to choose folder within Contacts for import, so every business contact moves into my general folder, mixed with family and friends and not findable as a new contact

2. Did not import address data.  Now that really is a deal breaker. Even if I never send another piece of snail mail, it's occasionally nice to know where someone physically is.


Wake me when this is a real product. Hopefully, I'll have some of my 2 years left.


I really feel I MUST be missing something. Isn't Evernote supposed to be like a miracle product?

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The purpose of the Evernote Business Card service is simply to get contact info into Evernote quickly and easily.  It never has served as a traditional database, so I'm not surprised it does not offer a way to get CSV data out of Evernote.


I guess my question is, why are you using the Evernote Business Card service?  There are a number of other apps that will scan a business card, pull off the contact data, and put into a Contact database, which can be exported in CSV and other formats.  Why not use one of those?

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Sorry, I'm just frustrated and venting because I was using cardmunch(which did have csv exports). They were bought and then shut down by linkedin, which shuttled us over here to Evernote for a free biz card service for 2 years. I would think Evernote would need to handle database functions in some way, but it might not be a priority.

Thanks for commenting!

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Exactly!  @pmbanas and @JMichael - do you guys get the feeling that Evernote is trying hard to LOCK us in?  CardMunch offered an export function and Evernote doesn't.  This would be OK if I could use Evernote as an address book but it is really far from being anything remotely like that.  


So as @pmbanas says - wake me when this is a real product.  I have started to use Mac Notes application and while that is certainly not anything like evernote, it doesn't lock you in! I am also going to check out the Microsoft OneNote product... 



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