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(Archived) Setting shared notebook as default?

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Hey everyone,

I currently use evernote mainly for the ability to sync one notebook among 3 people. However, only the person who created the notebook has it set as their default notebook, and the other 2 people need to have that same notebook set as their default too. How can I set this up?



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Within a single Evernote account, there's only a single "default" notebook. Two different Evernote accounts don't have any notebooks in common, so can't set the same notebook to be default.

If you have two computers accessing the same account, then they should show the same default notebook. On the Mac client, you can change which notebook receives clipped notes from the Mac clipper ... maybe this is what you're referring to?

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The email gateway doesn't give a way to specify different notebooks within a single account. All emails will go into the "default" notebook for that account. However, if you made this the default notebook for the owner's account, then you could all email into the owner's (single) incoming email address.

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Ah, I see. There's currently no way to make a Shared notebook your personal default notebook, but thanks for the feedback.

Just wondering how this is progressing as I too would find great value in this feature.



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