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"Open In Evernote" feature crashes after safari clipper clips (MAC mavericks)



After I clip a selection (or a page) in Safari web clipper (Mac), the dialog includes a button to 'open note in evernote' - Every time I click on the button - the process crashes and Evernote does not open (neither the app on my mac nor the web based version)

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mac client: 5.5.1 build 402628

i don't know how to id the clipper version but i downloaded it approx 1-2 weeks ago from the evernote site

safari - 7.0.3


after i click 'open in evernote' - a new safari tab opens - but evernote never does - it looks like it tries then disappears - happens very quickly so hard to be 100% accurate - safari remains open and functioning on other tabs



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