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Informant - GTD for Evernote - goes live with 25% discount

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If you've been looking for a GTD solution that's tightly integrated into Evernote - check out Informant, it might be what you're looking for.

What's it do?

Informant automatically creates 'next action' lists within Evernote. All your tasks are sorted by priority and grouped by project, and Informant keeps the next action lists up to date if you change anything in Evernote.

Informant provides convenient time saving shortcuts, and because everything is stored in Evernote you can access it everywhere at any time!


The Big News - 25% Off!
I'm really pleased to announce that Informant is going live with a bunch of great new features and improvements, which are detailed in my blog entry.  If you feel like trying it out for 30 days; head on over to https://informant.coderage-software.com and register a free account.
If you choose to buy a subscription - please don't forget the following coupon code - it should be entered into the checkout page and is valid until 21st of May.  You can use it for both the monthly and yearly subscriptions.


Your coupon code is: LIVE25


Thanks - I hope to welcome you on board, have a great day!


John Clayton

CodeRage Software

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OK, was just wondering -- the Pocket Informant product has been around for awhile, at least since Windows CE days, and at least one of their products has Evernote integration. I'd be surprised if they didn't get in touch, as there's definitely the possibility of confusion (hence my question).

Good luck.

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