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How do I access my notes?

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Been using this software for a couple months, its really nifty with the syncing it does to my mobile devices. But I seem to have ran into a SNAFU with the desktop software.


How do I view a list of my notes? I wrote a note yesterday. Today I ppear to be stuck. I can no longer access the list of my notes?


I tried closing and re-opening the program, but I ran into this same bug. Even if I click on 'tags' and click on a tag with more then one item, it also only shows a maximun of one note. Same thing with the search. Meaning the only way I know how to access a specific note right now is to do a search and hope I can be specific enough to get the note I want (which is easy enough with 16 notes right now)....


edit: dang.... I just tried making a new note as a test, now I cannot access any notes....


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