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Can I add a photo onto a pdf within a note?

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As a mechaincal designer, I often am out surveying a job using Evernote premium to both store and view the floor plans. I like that I can markup that pdf with text and arrows, etc., but I also really want to append a photo to that pdf. For example, an arrow would point to a location on a floor plan, and I would have a photo plopped on the pdf showing what is there.


I am pretty sure that "Notability" for iOS can do this. Can Evernote do this now, and if not is it planned for the future?

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Manny, this is a Wild Guess!

It should be no different than changing a Word document or Excel spreadsheet and re-saving to a Note.

I would suggest opening a PDF that is in a Note with PDF Creator/Editor you have.  Add your image, or whatever else to the PDF, then click save.  It should save the changes to the PDF directly back into the Note.


I do not have a PDF Creator/Editor, so I can't test it for you.  But you can give that a try.  Please let me know if it works.  If it does, please advise what PDF Creator/Editor you use.  Thank you!

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I can open the file in Bluebeam Revu on my desktop, do the editing, hit save and Evernote updates.


But that's not what I want to do. I want to add a photo directly to a pdf while still in Evernote, standing out at the jobsite.


What Android app would allow me to do this?

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Do you have an Android app that will edit a PDF file to insert a photograph at any time?  Adobe Acrobat will do the job on desktop, but I don't know offhand of any Android PDF editors at all.  Evernote does a lot,  but it can't fill this particular gap in the market...


Closest workaround I can suggest would be to assign a reference number series to photos attached to the PDF file and annotate the file with that sequential reference number.  Take your photos and save them to separate notes with that reference.  If you use a two-part number - PDF reference + photo number - you can find all the notes that relate to that PDF with a simple search,  then read the PDF and refer to photos in order...

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