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Feature request: Undo for tag changes & for moving notes to other notebooks

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Here is a common scenario that leads to huge frustration:

  1. I search for a note by filtering by tags.
  2. I mistakenly delete the wrong tag on the note.
  3. I'd like to re-add the tag again to correct my mistake but the note is relatively old so it disappears into a sea of notes and is hard to find. I originally searched for the note using it's tag but now that I've deleted the tag I have to search on the note's content which is hard if you don't remember the content. In the worst cases, I deleted a tag on a note that I haven't even glimpsed (happens when the view is listing notes of which the list changes just before you click, again because of tag changes) so I have no idea what the content is... all I have is that sinking feeling that I've changed something... and here comes the frustration....


I'd like to propose that EN creates an undo operation that reverses changes made to tags, that reverses the notebook selection for a note's storage, that even reverses the deletion of a note (yes there is the trash folder but this will be more convenient than jumping back and forth).


As a halfway measure: If EN stamped the "updated" field with the time that tags were added / removed (or that the note was moved) then at least I'd be able to find the note more easily and change it back. If fact, the trash folder works like this: delete a note and it's creation date is updated to the current time.



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I agree with EN that tags are meta data & should not impact the modified date.  Of course an obvious & usually easy solution is to prevent your Windows client from syncing, log onto the web client, do the search by tags & find the note you just accidentally removed the tag from.  You've (hopefully) now identified the note on the web client & will be able to find it on the Windows client & add the tag back in on the Windows client.   Please note this last part (adding the tag back into the note on the Windows client) is the crucial part.  Otherwise, when you next sync your Windows client, the tag removal done on the Windows client will be propagated to the EN servers & then subsequently propagated to any other computers/devices you use EN on.


Additionally, if you have a recent backup, the note can be identified, although this is a bit trickier.  IOW, this is your gentle reminder to do backups of your EN Windows database.

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 Of course an obvious & usually easy solution is to ....


Hi BurgerNFries,


From non-power user's perspective I don't think it's obvious or easy, stalling the sync, digging out the note etc. Hence my request for the feature.


However, thanks for posting that workaround. I've made use of it myself before and I think it will be useful to know for those who've hit this problem.

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