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v 5.5.1 on OS X nagging a lot about premium since down grading



I'm using the beta version on os x. I recently down graded to the free tier after a year on premium. I'm noticing fairly constant nags about upgrading to premium. Please make this stop. It's very annoying and doesn't make me want to pay for the premium service.

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User forum here,  so it would be better to raise this as a support request (see below) if you're getting excessively reminded - but please bear in mind that all Free users get a certain amount of nagging,  and it can't be turned off for an individual user.  You may find the level objectionable now,  but you have been nag-free for a year...

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I also wonder if, because you've downgraded, you're getting all the same one-time nags that a new user would get and would typically only see once? Perhaps once you've sifted through all the "premium feature" pop-overs, you'll be in a more normal zone of nagging. 

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