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Web clipper error with Portable Firefox


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Hi folks,


As a new Evernote user I've spent the weekend setting everything up on all my devices ... no problem, until this morning.


Back at work I'm trying to add the Web Clipper addon for Firefox but get an error when trying to use it:

"This version of Evernote Web Clipper is no longer compatible with Evernote Service. Please install the latest version."


This is on Portable Firefox 28.0 running off a USB stick. Windows 7 64bit. Clipper version is 5.9.1 which appears to be the latest version.


Had no problem installing and using the Web Clipper on my Macbook at home.


Have also installed Clearly, both at home on the Mac and in Portable Firefox and it works without problem.


Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Hi Stew_D,

First thing I'd recommend is to do an uninstall then reinstall just to make sure you get the latest production version. We don't test against Firefox running off a USB stick but I'll look into if that can be a cause.


Another thing to try would be to check your clipping preferences for the Web Clipper by going to Firefox > Tools > Add-ons and open the Clipper options page. Check the first setting and try setting it to 'Send clips to' - Evernote Web is what I would recommend. If you have native clipping set it may be that Firefox cannot communicate with your native desktop client if it is running on a USB. 

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Firefox Portable, as in the one from PortableApps.com?


I have been running both that and Chrome since forever now, instead of the proper installs (I'm weird, I know :D) and the clippers have never had an issue with that specifically as far as I know.

(Effectively all of the install data/profile/etc. is installed to a folder, rather than the normal locations, so you can get rid of it quite easily. You lose some other things, but gain in portablity)

Anyway, I'll give it a go here, though I think the latest version is 29.



EDIT: Appears to work as expected here.

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Reinstalled and checked prefs as suggested ... still no joy unfortunately.


I'm having intermittent issue connecting to Evernote.com from work too which may be related (firewall related I assume). Doesn't like it when I enter https but if I just go in via www.evernote.com I get a WebSense warning that this site is blocked but can be accessed for limited personal use 'do you want to continue' (what do you think?). Once I'm actually in I can go to my account or this board (both https) without problems.


As I said the Clearly addon is working ... not sure what else to try.

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